5+ Best Cell Phone Signal Jammer of 2023 (2023)

Looking for the best cell phone signal jammer? Find the best ones here.

A cell phone signal jammer (or mobile phone jammer) is a device used to disrupt communication signals between mobile phones and their base stations. It deliberately incapacitates mobile phones within range. Signal jammers are practically used to disable a mobile phone’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, and call/text feature.

Signal jammers are also effective in households. There have been cases where parents have successfully pulled their kids’ attention away from their phones using cell phone signal jammers (even though this is not encouraged because it is against the law). For this, you need the best cell phone signal jammer available in the market.


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You will often see cell phone signal jammers at entertainment venues where silence is a priority e.g. recitals or plays. You can also find them in offices where the management doesn’t want any interruption during important meetings.

Tips: Learn How to Use Parental Controls on Android

4 Best Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Creating a DIY cell phone signal jammer can be a lot of work especially if you’re not into electronics. Alternatively, you can purchase the best cell phone signal jammer, so you don’t need to go through the complicated stuff of building a DIY.

  1. 8 Bands Portable Cell Phone Jammers – $253.50
  2. 10 Antennas Military Jammer – $422.50
  3. Portable Cell Phone Blocker with Cooling Fan – $165.62
  4. 6 Antenna Portable Signal Jammer Blocker – $250.12
  5. Monstro 10 $499.00
  6. Titan – 8 Bands Mobile Phone Jammer $620.00
  7. Alligator Powerful 10 Bands Jammer $720.00

1. 8 Bands Portable Cell Phone Jammers – $253.50

5+ Best Cell Phone Signal Jammer of 2023 (1)

If you’re looking for the strongest 7 thee best cell phone signal jammer that has a wide range, this portable 8-band cell phone jammer is what you need. It works with 4G LTE, 5G Evolution, 3G network, GSM, Wi-Fi, and GPS within 5 to 20 meters (depending on the environment and signal strength).

Its battery will last for about 1-2 hours, which is the typical battery life for most cell phone signal jammers. It is also bulky with its antennas extending up to 112mm and weighs 1 kg.

It comes with a power adapter, a manual, and a car charger.

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5+ Best Cell Phone Signal Jammer of 2023 (2)

You can get this 8 Bans Portable Cell Phone Jammer from Jammer’s store.

2. 10 Antennas Military Jammer – $422.50

5+ Best Cell Phone Signal Jammer of 2023 (3)

This signal jammer Is almost twice the price, but it has 10-band frequencies that can disrupt mobile signals within a 5 to 20-meter range. It can interrupt networks running in 3G, 4G LTE, GSM, and GPS. This is 500 grams heavier too at 1.5kg and its battery lasts a maximum of 2 hours.

It also comes with a manual, so you can refer to it whenever the need arises.

5+ Best Cell Phone Signal Jammer of 2023 (4)

You can get these 10 Antennas Military Jammer from Jammer’s store.

3. Portable Cell Phone Blocker with Cooling Fan – $165.62

5+ Best Cell Phone Signal Jammer of 2023 (5)

This portable signal jammer works with 4G LTE, 3G, GSM, PCS, SDMA, and DCS but doesn’t work with GPS and Wi-Fi. It is best to use this in places where unnecessary phone calls are not welcome like meetings. It jams cell phone signals that are about 5 to 10 meters in range. It also has standard battery life.

It weighs lighter than the first two at 0.8 KG and comes with a cooling fan.

5+ Best Cell Phone Signal Jammer of 2023 (6)
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You can get this Portable Cell Phone Blocker with Cooling Fan from Jammer’s store.

4. 6 Antenna Portable Signal Jammer Blocker – $250.12

5+ Best Cell Phone Signal Jammer of 2023 (7)

This cell phone signal jammer jams GPS, mobile phones (which run on 4G WIMAX, 3G, GSM), Lojack, and DCS. Unfortunately, this device doesn’t jam the Wi-Fi signal.

This 6-antenna portable GPS can jam signals up to a 20-meter range and weighs a kilogram. It has a typical battery life of 2 hours and comes with a car charger.

5+ Best Cell Phone Signal Jammer of 2023 (8)

You can get this 6 Antenna Portable Signal Jammer Blocker from Jammer’s store.

5. MONSTRO 10- $499.00

Looking for a cell phone signal jammer that works on a standard frequency? MONSTRO 10 is the best signal jammer for cell phones. One of the most impressive features of this jammer is that you can easily adjust the jamming power with the help of antenna switches.

This is one of the most professional signal jammers with settings for its flexibility and optimal protection. Securing your data and information, Monstro works within a range of 15 meters. Considering flexibility, the cell phone jammer can be easily operated on an AC adaptor or battery. With the Monstro 10, you can even block some signals, such as scanning systems, navigation systems, and Spy devices.

6. TITAN – 8 Bands Mobile Phone Jammer-$620.00

Are you in search of a portable cellphone signal jammer? Here is Titan – 8 Bands as the best solution. Being one of the most powerful mobile phone jammers, Titan works within a range of 10 to 30 meters. Providing a lifetime guarantee, it allows you to jam mobile phones without any barriers.

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Providing an LED switch for each band, Titan makes the process easy. With these features, you are allowed to jam six different frequencies, or you can just choose one. Providing great accessibility and versatility, it also allows you to jam WiFi and GPS frequencies. Discussing the battery features, Titan has the most secure internal lithium battery that can be easily replaced.

7. Alligator Powerful 10 Bands Jammer- $720.00

Alligator Powerful 10 bands jammer is a great pick for people looking for an efficient device. This device works within a range of 30 meters, and has a power of 10 W. The jammer assures personal protection at various frequencies. This cellphone signal jammer is capable of blocking spy devices, cameras, and wireless equipment.

Along with great versatility and user-friendly features, the device also has a built-in battery. Being one among the few jammers capable of blocking 5GHz signals, you can use it to jam mini pocket routers, as well as mobile phone trackers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if someone is using a cell phone jammer?

Some apps can detect if there are cell phone signal jammers in the area. Some of them are Jammer Detector and Jam’alert.

What is the best cell phone signal jammer app?

While there are signal jammer apps that can detect any interference in the area, it is not possible to jam a mobile phone using your own.

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How do I make a DIY cell phone jammer?

If you check the DIY Fandom, you will see how one person has written in detail how they created a cell phone jammer that runs in an 800 MHZ band. The making of the DIY phone jammer is explained in this post.

Protect Your Phone from Signal Jammers and Hackers

Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag for Phones – from $22.99

5+ Best Cell Phone Signal Jammer of 2023 (12)

If you want to protect your GSM phone/GPS/smartphones from jammers and hackers, the Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag shields your devices using EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse.

It blocks any wireless signals protecting it from malicious activities and preventing anyone from accessing your microphone, GPS, data, or camera. It is water-resistant and made from ballistic nylon materials.

5+ Best Cell Phone Signal Jammer of 2023 (13)

Use Cell Phone Signal Jammers Responsibly

5+ Best Cell Phone Signal Jammer of 2023 (14)

Disclaimer: JOA does not recommend the use of cell phone signal jammer, DIY signal jammer, or cell phone signal jammer app anywhere, without a license or obtaining necessary approvals from the government, private sectors, or whoever is concerned, as the use of signal jammers are illegal/prohibited/restricted in most countries.

Where there is a need to use signal jammers, you should always remember to use them responsibly.

Have you tried making your own DIY cell phone signal jammer? Do you know any best cell phone signal jammer apps? Have you encountered being jammed by another device?

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Share your story in the comments section below!

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What is the most powerful jamming device? ›

Maddox is the most powerful portable remote control jammer ever designed to kill RC frequencies, such as 315MHz, 433MHz, and 868MHz. There's no other device capable of competing with this one.

Can people buy cell phone jammers? ›

Federal law prohibits the operation, marketing, or sale of any type of jamming equipment that interferes with authorized radio communications, including cellular and Personal Communication Services (PCS), police radar, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

How far does a cell phone jammer reach? ›

Low-powered jammers block calls in a range of about 30 feet (9 m). Higher-powered units create a cell-free zone as large as a football field. Units used by law enforcement can shut down service up to 1 mile (1.6 km) from the device. Some cell-phone jammers are made to look like actual phones.

How do you disrupt a cell phone signal? ›

Materials that do not conduct electricity like wood, drywall, plastics, and glass will impede a cellular signal, but not block it. Materials such as tin, copper, silver, aluminum and others can completely block the signal.

How far can a jammer jam? ›

Stationary jammers usually have a range of 100 meters and require a power supply of 230 V. Self-made jammers are low-power devices that work over short ranges. However, the coverage can be extended using broadband amplifiers.

How do you jam an RF signal? ›

Jamming A Radio Frequency Is Easy

Jamming this signal is thus especially easy, simply by programming a radio transmitter or jamming device to the right frequency and aiming it at the alarm – preventing the alarm signal from ever reaching it, in what is similar a Denial-Of-Service cyber attack.

Can cell phone jammers be tracked? ›

A Jammer is a blocking device for cell phones, which sends the blocking signals to towers from the same frequency range of the cell phones, the interference cause the cell phone to lose the signals from the station. But the main problem is a Jammer cannot be detected.

Is there a device that detects cell phones? ›

Use of Cell Phone Detectors

Cell Phone Detectors are also used in certain places like a temple, offices, exam hall, and theaters where the use of cell phones are not allowed to detect and restrict these people from using the devices.

Do cell phone jammers block GPS? ›

Keep in mind, a mobile signal jammer will not only block voice and text on your phone, it also interferes with GPS, WiFi, and probably most problematic of all — police radar.

What is the price of jammer machine? ›

market price of Mobile Jammer in India is Rs 14,500/ Piece.

What happens when you find all 50 signal jammers? ›

If you find and destroy all 50 Signal Jammers you will earn an additional GTA$50,000 bonus, as well as access to Avi Schwartzman as a potential hacker when undertaking the Diamond Casino Heist.

Do cell phone jammers affect WIFI? ›

Jammers can disrupt the signals of cellular and Wi-Fi-based home security systems. Your cameras and sensors will not break, but the ability of the sensors to transmit a signal will be limited.

Does tin foil block cell phone signal? ›

Since aluminum foil is made from metal, it can block cellular signals from entering your home. Many people use it to make a Faraday cage. Depending on the type of aluminum foil and how strong your cellular signal is, many layers may be needed to completely block out radio waves.

How do I get cell service in a dead zone? ›

To get a cell signal in a dead zone, it's pretty simple. All you need to do is to invest a cell phone signal booster. A cell phone signal booster improves cell services and allows users to use services in the places where have none or almost none service.

What are the four types of jamming? ›

(b) Deception: Providing false information to mislead the enemy. (3) Jamming: The deliberate radiation or reradiation of electromagnetic energy to prevent or degrade the reception ofinformation by a receiver. (4) Types of Jamming: Radiation, Reradiation, and Reflection.

How far does a GPS jammer work? ›

How a GPS jammer works: The user plugs the jammer into the automotive auxiliary power outlet. The unit is placed close to the installed GPS tracker. When active, the GPS jammer generates an interference signal over a 5 to 10 meter radius to disrupt reception of the GPS satellite signal.

What is the range of a GPS jammer? ›

A GPS jammer is typically a small, self-contained frequency transmitter that can send an interference signal within a 5 to 10 meter range.

How do you disrupt a RF signal? ›

A number of materials can be used to block RF signals, including copper, aluminum, and steel. For example, cables are typically shielded with a thin aluminum foil or braided copper wires. Individual devices can be placed inside simple shielded boxes, but this is too inefficient for real device testing at scale.

What can block RF waves? ›

Thin amounts of plastic wrap, wax paper, cotton and rubber are not likely to interfere with radio waves. However, aluminum foil, and other electrically conductive metals such as copper, can reflect and absorb the radio waves and consequently interferes with their transmission.

What are the techniques of jamming? ›

The two main jamming techniques are noise techniques and repeater techniques. Spot jamming, sweep jamming, and barrage jamming are the three most common types of noise jamming, whereas DRFM jamming is the most common type of repeater jamming.

How can I shield my phone from being tracked? ›

The best way to block phone tracking is to use a VPN. But you can also change a few settings on your phone or switch to a different browser to stop tracking. You can hide your location via settings, block ad tracking with a dedicated private browser, and encrypt all of your internet traffic with a VPN.

Can police detect jammers? ›

A laser jammer is a device that returns a “no response” or a cosine error when a police LIDAR gun is used to target a vehicle. When the LIDAR gun shows this error, an officer won't know whether a vehicle is equipped with a laser jammer, or whether they simply didn't aim correctly at the vehicle.

How do I block a mobile tracker? ›

Turn off location settings on Android:
  1. Open the “App Drawer.”
  2. Go to “Settings.”
  3. Select “Location.”
  4. Enter “Google Location Settings.”
  5. Turn off “Location Reporting” and “Location History.”
  6. You can also select “Delete Location History” to remove all previous tracking data.
Dec 8, 2022

Can a cell phone be bugged remotely? ›

But how can a phone be hacked remotely? Cybercriminals develop unique ways to access people's smartphones and monitor them. Usually, they look for some vulnerabilities in the phone's operating system to hack it or trick people into downloading malicious software onto their devices.

Can your phone be bugged without you knowing? ›

Yes. Cell phones, including smartphones, can be tapped when someone accesses your device without permission. Cell phones and smartphones are usually compromised via spy apps, while cordless landline phones are most often tapped by specialized hardware and software.

Is there an app that can detect other phones nearby? ›

Google has found a new way to keep nearby smartphones and users connected as it has launched its “WifiNanScan App”.

Does aluminum foil block GPS tracking? ›

Any electrically conductive metal will reflect and absorb the device's incoming and outgoing signals and interfere with its operation. Wrapping a GPS tracker in aluminum foil is enough to do the job—although copper and even silver work as well. This is an incredibly cheap and easy method of GPS jamming.

Do signal jammers really work? ›

The jamming device works by sending radio frequencies to the same tower. It will overpower the cell phone signal by mimicking your cell phone. Basically, it sends out a signal that is the same frequency as your phone. This signal is powerful enough to outmuscle your phone's signal.

Can you track a jammer? ›

Yes Gps Jammers or blockers do work on but have limited range and can easily be detected by modern trackers with anti jam technology such as the back2you.com Guardian Self install Live Tracker Police forces can easily detect jammers using jam detecting scanners.

What is the price of pocket mobile phone jammer? ›

market price of Pocket Mobile Phone Jammer in India is Rs 9,500/ Piece.

What is portable mobile jammer? ›

A mobile phone jammer or blocker is a device which deliberately transmits signals on the same radio frequencies as mobile phones, disrupting the communication between the phone and the cell-phone base station, effectively disabling mobile phones within the range of the jammer, preventing them from receiving signals and ...

What is the price of 4G mobile signal jammer? ›

4G Mobile Jammer (Model No.

Price: 14500 INR (Approx.)

How do you destroy a signal jammer? ›

The jammers can be destroyed with almost any weapon, and they can be locked on with homing missiles, such as those on vehicles or with the Homing Launcher, making their discovery and destruction much easier.

How do I get signal jammers? ›

You can find the jammer on the higher chimney of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station located in Los Santos County along Senora Way just east of the Ron Alternates Wind Farm.

Can you drop signal jammers? ›

The jammer is not lootable from players and persists upon death as long as it is placed in a special item slot.

Can a jammer block a camera? ›

They're also highly illegal, so jammers are more difficult to find, but a powerful jammer can prevent an entire street from recording on WiFI security cameras with the switch of a button.

What are the disadvantages of cell phone jammer? ›

Cell phone jammers will not only block the signal, but because the jammer has overpowered all of the cellular frequency, you will not be able to conduct a 911 emergency call.

What is a camera jammer? ›

The Camera Jammer. The Camera Jammer (also known as a HERF Generator, or Directional EMP) is a hand-held device that emits microwave pulses that disprupt the characteristic signals used in the microcircuitry of serveillance cameras. Advertisement.

Do magnets block cell phone signal? ›

Do Magnets Affect Signal? Electromagnetic fields can cause signal interference. Though, unless you're walking around with a magnet in your pocket, you're not likely to experience much of that.

Does RFID block cell phone signal? ›

WILL IT BLOCK CELL PHONE SIGNAL? There's a chance it could, but not a big one. Bluetooth and GPS, on the other hand, might get interrupted if your phone case contains an RFID blocker. The best way to make sure you can still hear your music, and not get lost, is by keeping your wallet and your phone in separate pockets.

What is a Faraday bag for phone? ›

Faraday bags are commonly used to protect electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and GPS devices from electromagnetic interference and location tracking.

Do stores block cell phone signals? ›

Most big supermarkets have been constructed within huge metal-framed buildings for speed, safety and cost. Thing is, one of the properties of conductors like metal mean that an electromagnetic charge tends to flow along the outside, rather than penetrating through it. Yep, metal blocks mobile signal.

Do schools use cell phone jammers? ›

Many schools have purchased cell phone jammer in an effort to eliminate cell phone interference in the classroom. These devices are not illegal and do not violate FCC rules.

How can I boost my cell signal at home for free? ›

How to Boost Cell Signal for Free
  1. Toggle Airplane Mode / Restart Your Phone. ...
  2. Use WiFi Calling. ...
  3. Go Outside. ...
  4. Remove Obstructions. ...
  5. Change Your Location. ...
  6. Ensure Phone Software and Carrier Settings are Up to Date. ...
  7. Keep Your Phone Charged. ...
  8. Check for Damage to Your Phone.
Jan 24, 2023

How to make a signal booster? ›

All you need to do is wrap a piece of copper wire with foil. Then chop one end off a 3.5mm RCA cable and strip the insulation, tape that end to the wire in the foil, and connect the other end with the jack to your phone to boost the signal.

How do I get cell service in the woods? ›

Reliable cellular reception is a bit tricky in the woods. With so many trees, cell signal is easily blocked. Whether you live or camp in the woods, as long there is an ounce of signal, you'll be able to get decent service with a signal booster. You may need to upgrade the included Yagi antenna for a stronger one.

Is ECM jammer real? ›

Most air forces use ECM to protect their aircraft from attack. It has also been deployed by military ships and recently on some advanced tanks to fool laser/IR guided missiles. It is frequently coupled with stealth advances so that the ECM systems have an easier job. Offensive ECM often takes the form of jamming.

What are the military jamming techniques? ›

Electronic jamming is a form of electronic warfare where jammers radiate interfering signals toward an enemy's radar, blocking the receiver with highly concentrated energy signals. The two main technique styles are noise techniques and repeater techniques. The three types of noise jamming are spot, sweep, and barrage.

What is the range of jammer device? ›

The range of a jamming device depends on its power source and location. A jammer of different form and sizes starting with the portable one is capable of jamming signals of about 30 Ft range. It can go up to 1 mile for the bigger devices.

Are jammers traceable? ›

A Jammer is a blocking device for cell phones, which sends the blocking signals to towers from the same frequency range of the cell phones, the interference cause the cell phone to lose the signals from the station. But the main problem is a Jammer cannot be detected.

Is GPS jamming possible? ›

Can GPS be jammed? Yes, and without much difficulty. GPS jamming is a relatively uncomplicated technique that simply involves producing an RF signal strong enough to drown out the transmissions from GPS satellites.

What are the 2 types of jamming? ›

There are two modes of jamming: spot and barrage. Spot jamming is concentrated power directed toward one channel or frequency. Barrage jamming is power spread over several frequencies or channels at the same time. Jamming can be difficult, if not impossible to detect.

What are the three types of jamming? ›

Spot jamming, sweep jamming, and barrage jamming are the three most common types of noise jamming, whereas DRFM jamming is the most common type of repeater jamming.

What is a tactical jammer? ›

Tactical_Jammer. The Tactical Jammer can jam cellular phones, used by SWAT and Police agencies who require a portable jamming system that operates as a communication jammer.

What is the price of best signal jammer? ›

  • Mobile Signal Jammer. ...
  • Mobile Phone Signal Jammer. ...
  • Mobile Phone Jammers. ...
  • Mobile Phone Jammer. Price : Rs 7,000/ Piece(s)
  • Mobile Jammers. Price : Rs 14,500/ Piece.
  • Jammer Free Mobile Phone. Price : Rs 350/ Piece.
  • High Power Mobile Phone Jammer. Price : Rs 12,400/ Piece.
  • High Power Mobile Jammer. Price : Rs 5.12 Lakh/ Piece.

Can jammer stop camera? ›

They're also highly illegal, so jammers are more difficult to find, but a powerful jammer can prevent an entire street from recording on WiFI security cameras with the switch of a button.

What is an RF blocker? ›

Introduction: The device used to block or supress RF signal is known as RF blocker or RF jammer. It is used to disrupt or block the transmission of particular radio station or satellite station within desired frequency band.

What is passive jamming? ›

In the proposed passive radar jamming model, the jamming signal produces an interference peak or interference band in the range-Doppler map. These interference peaks or bands effectively mask the target and lead to a false track, thereby achieving the goal of jamming the passive radar system.


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